TV Emmering

1898 e. V.

TV Emmering

1898 e. V.

TV Emmering the sports club in Emmering since 1898

Photographs and video from
Athletics, gymnastics and Taekwondo

TV Emmering – Pictures and memories from the club and the events of TV Emmering 1898 e.V. from athletics, gymnastics and taekwondo by club photographer Michael Campos Viola.

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This area is intended for the internal use of the club members. Here, athletes or their parents can register to download all the pictures from their departments for free.

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TV Emmering: since125 years, the sports club in the Fürstenfeldbruck region.

The TV Emmering, in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck, has a 125 years history full of successes, challenges and commitment to its members and the region. It is an important institution in Emmering.

Its origins date back to 1898, when a group of enthusiastic Emmering residents decided to join forces and found an organisation that would promote sport in their region. Over the years, the club has undergone many changes, including new sports, new facilities and the introduction of modern training methods.

Nowdays, the club is an important landmark in the region and offers a wide range of activities for people of all ages and fitness levels. Members can choose from a variety of sports, including aerobics, badminton, boogie woogie, fitness training, gymnastics, inline skating, children’s sports, athletics, mountain biking, nordic walking, Pilates, QI Gong, sailing, taekwondo, gymnastics and volleyball.

The club has first-class facilities, including several indoor and outdoor sports fields, which are regularly maintained and modernised. There is also a dedicated team of coaches and supporting trainers who help members improve their skills and performance.

The sports club also plays an important role in the community and regularly organises events and tournaments that attract participants from all over the region. These events promote competition and provide an opportunity for people to meet, celebrate and have fun.

Over the past 125 years, the sports club has won many championships and awards and has become a prominent sports institution for the community and for the region. With a strong tradition and a dedicated team of members and coaches, the club will continue to play an important role in inspiring people to stay healthy and active.

Our contribution to the TV Emmering

Our passion is to capture the excitement and energy of TV Emmering’s sporting events. Documenting and photographing events at the sports club are part of our tasks, which involve a variety of challenges. Starting with preparing for the event, to organising group shootings, to adapting to changing lighting conditions and athletes’ movements, the work requires a lot of skill and experience.

Our high quality photos reflect the enthusiasm of the athletes. We have the courage to also point out details showing room for growth and improvement. In this way, we support the coaches and athletes in their further development.

Our work with the TV Emmering is marked by creativity and passion for the sport. We give our best to meet the needs of the club and its fans.

Athletics, gymnastics or taekwondo

Athletics, gymnastics and taekwondo, these sports have their own unique challenges. Athletes in each of these sports have to work hard to be in top shape, master their technique perfectly and improve their mental strength. Although it can be difficult to overcome these challenges, the rewards that can be gained from practising these sports are immeasurable. Athletes can improve their physical health, enhance their skills and abilities and develop a high level of self-confidence and self-control.

As one of the leading clubs in the region, the TV Emmering has always provided a safe and encouraging environment for its members to improve their skills and reach their full potential.

We are looking forward to working with the TV Emmering as club photographer and video maker, let's capture some great memories together!

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