Graffiti “Stop Bombing Civilians”

Werksviertel-Mitte München, Atelierstraße, WERK9

About the action „Stop Bombing Civilians"

Interesting facts

Explosive weapons kill or injure tens of thousands of civilians worldwide every year, leave behind devastated cities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or Yemen, cause severe psychological trauma, displacement and impoverishment of populations, destroy vital infrastructure and disrupt the social and economic structures. When explosive weapons are used in populated areas, 90% of the victims are civilians. The destructive effect of explosive weapons makes their use in residential areas disastrous. This is why Handicap International started the campaign “Stop Bombing Civilians”. Artists created a mural to raise attention for the need of protecting civilians from explosive weapons.

Video Reels @ Instagram by CV


Sunday, 03.10.2021
starting at 12:00

  • JAMARAM live!

Welcome and Opening

  • 12:00 Artists finish the mural

  • from 12.00 Visitors can write and paint their own statements

  • 14:00 JAMARAM – live!

  • 14:15 Welcome by Executive Directors Magdalena Waller and Dr Inez Kipfer-Didavi

  • 14:20 Statement Mayor Katrin Habenschaden (Patron)

  • 14:25 LANDO and Tom Lugo (JAMARAM), The radiant power of graffiti

  • 14:35 Dr. Eva Maria Fischer; Handicap International e.V., Campaign „Stop Bombing Civilians“

  • 14:45 Inauguration of the commemorative plaque

  • 14:50 Press conference and interviews


Werksviertel-Mitte München, Atelierstraße, WERK9
Free admission